Small Delights

Prima Fowers 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Sometimes, it is the simplest things that bring joy. Like these lovely soft colored paper flowers for scrapbooking. I came upon them at the craft store the other day and brought them home. Each time I look at them, they bring me delight!

Prima Flowers
I love the packaging too. Of course having bunnies and mice on the packaging and the soft shades of green and aqua helped! I'm imagining artful pages filled with lovely dreams! What fun they will be to illustrate!

Thomas with flowers
As usual, Thomas had to see what I was up too! Another delight to have such an inquisitive companion!

pale green paper
At scrapbooking on Friday night, I found this lovely soft green paper with cherry blossoms on it. My sister took one look at it and said, "It looks like your dishes." And right she is!

Green Cherry Blossom Dishes
These lovely pale green cherry blossom plates from Blue Moon in Japan are my everyday dishes. They make each meal much more enjoyable, even if it's just warmed up leftovers. I've gathered them a piece or two at a time over the past four years. It makes each visit to an Oriental grocery a bit more fun as I seek out new pieces!


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