A Garden Angel

Garden Angel Dotee, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Recently, I participated in a swap for a Garden Angel Dotee. Today, I received mine from Tanya and had to share her! She's a bit different than most Dotee dolls I've received as she is about 8" tall and rectangular in shape. But I love that she is made of wool felt, that the filling is 100% bamboo fiberfill and that she has a wonderful contemporary embroidery design. Tanya writes, "Her tag line is 'Reap what you sew'. I have sewn a garden of beautiful characteristics and virtues so that you may reap those rewards!" Tanya ~ Thank you! I love her and she now hangs from the shelf where I keep my stamping supplies to encourage me on the creative journey!

A few people have asked me what a Dotee is. A Dotee is a small handcrafted art doll (not a toy!) that has become popular to make and swap. The first ones were created by Dot in Australia, hence the name Dotee. Most of them are about 4 to 6 inches tall with a beaded tail and hanger. If you go to Flickr and search for Dotee, you'll find hundreds of examples! I love making them and swapping them! I have all the ones I've received hanging from a rod in the doorway to my craft closet.

Stamping supplies
Recently, I rearranged some things in my crafting room. I hung a favorite shelf over a small chest of drawers and used it to display my rubber stamps. It makes them so much easier to find than having them tucked away in boxes! The white chest of drawers was my dresser as a child as was the painted sign with my name on it. The sign used to be part of my toy shelf when I was little and I can remember by mother painting it and a table to go with it!


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