Planting and Decorating

Easter is less than two weeks away! Time to get out the easter decorations! These sweet little bunny salt and pepper shakers are residing on the china cabinet. My sister gifted me with several sets of these one year and I just adore them!

Easter Shelf
The old white shelf became home to my small collection of Easter chicks and a lovely book of Tennyson's poetry from around the 1900's.

Easter Decor
The high counter between the kitchen and living room got a new vignette with a candle lamp (a Christmas gift from my oldest son!), an old pottery bird planter holding a handpainted porcelain egg and a few more of my sweet little bunny shakers.

Early Spring Patio
I did some "decorating" outside as well. On Monday, some lovely pansies, ranunculus, kale and swiss chard plants came home with me from the garden center. I washed the dusty patio pots out, refilled them with a nice potting mix and planted them. It's still quite cold at night here, down in the teens most nights, so I only purchased cool weather things in hopes that they will do well.

The pansies are a lovely rosie mauve shade blushed with peach tones at the center. In a couple weeks they should start to look splendid as they fill the pots with blooms!


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