Ati's Block

Lisas work on Ati's Block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Working on Ati's round robin block has been such a joy! She choose my favorite colors in shades of pinks and greens. Gerry K got the block off to a wonderful start with her beaded bluebird, so of course I had to add a bluebird as well! I found these delightful bird charms at Michaels and knew that one of them would be perfect for this block!

Lace fan
There was only about 3 1/2 inches of the hand-dyed lace in colors that would go with this block, so I placed it in the corner and made a fan out of it with a little beaded embellishement. A clump of bluebells brings a bit of blue down into the corner.

Embroidered rose
Ati hinted that she would like to have an embroidered rose in pastel colors added to the block similar to what I did on Gerry K's block, so I added this one in shades of rose.

Beaded Dragonfly
A beaded dragonfly adds just the right touch between the cherry blossoms and forget-me-nots!

Ati's Block after Gerry and Lisa
I have one more little embellishment to add above the rose and then this block gets sent to Meg for the next round of work!
P.S. Ati ~ if you decide you don't want this block... it would find a happy home with me! :)


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