Four Days Away ~ Day One

Vermillion n Echo Cliffs, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Four days spent exploring northern Arizona and southwestern Utah was a treat! On day one, I headed north from Flagstaff, across the western edge of Navaho land. For miles upon miles, the road follows Echo Cliffs. On the far side of the Colorado River, the Vermilion cliffs (in the distance) stretch for hundreds of miles as they circumnavigate a good portion of the Colorado Plateau. It makes for stunning scenery while driving! The cliffs just keep going and going and going!

Navaho Bridges
Navaho Bridge is the only bridge to cross the Colorado river for several hundred miles. My sister remembers having to drive across the narrow bridge on the right and having to wait for oncoming traffic because it's not wide enough for two vehicles! In the early to mid 90's, the new wider span was completed and now the old bridge is a pedestrian bridge.

Colorado River
The view from the bridge is spectacular! Looking down at the blue green waters of the Colorado river as it threads through the red walled canyon is something. The day I was here, the California Condors were soaring over the river.

Colorado River Lees Ferry
Lee's Ferry sits just upstream from Navaho Bridge. This is the only place in 700 miles on the river where it is accessible by car. The day I was there, the water was an amazing array of blue, aqua and blue green colors. Upstream, the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell keeps sediment from flowing down the river, so the Colorado (Red) River is no longer red most of the time.

Boat Launch
A view of the launch where all the Colorado River Raft trips begin also affords a glimpse of both the Echo cliffs on the left and the Vermilion Cliffs on the right. Spectacular scenery!

Lonely Dell Orchard
Lonely Dell Ranch sits a short distance up a side canyon from the river. It's a little green oasis in the desert, and I must say, somewhat surprising! I didn't expect to see the large orchard of peaches, apricots, plums and apples! The trees were filled with birds and the air was filled with birdsong!

Upon leaving the Lonely Dell Ranch, I drove along the Vermilion Cliffs, over the Kaibab Plateau eventually ending up in the small town of Kanab, Utah. Kanab is a nice little town nestled into a fold of the Colorado Plateau. Spring was in evidence here, with the trees leafing out in those delightful shades of early green! It made my heart glad to see it!

Parry Lodge 01
I stayed in a delightful place, Parry Lodge. Parry Lodge has quite a history. It's owner was responsible for bring Hollywood to this part of the country to make movies starting back in the 1930's ~ and while the movies were being made, the stars stayed at Parry Lodge! Now, the rooms have the star's names over the doors of the rooms they stayed in.

Cottage 191
I was lucky enough to stay in a little cottage in the room where Fess Parker stayed while filming "Daniel Boone"!

Cottages 01
I loved the way the cottages sat around a little green courtyard area. Each had a little porch with chairs. The grass was beautifully green and lush. The vinca was in full bloom around the foundations. A robin sang a cheerful song which lifted my heart! The bathrooms had big clawfoot tubs! It was delightful and a wonderful place to look forward to coming back to each night after a full day of hiking and sightseeing!

Dining room
Each morning, I had breakfast in the dining room. Large windows let in lots of morning light and by the second morning, the waitress knew I liked tea rather than coffee with my breakfast and where I liked to sit, so as soon as I arrived, she prepared my spot! Delightful!

On Day Two, I visited Zion National Park, but that tale will have to wait until tomorrow!


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