Stitching Flowers

Flower Garden Block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
In years past, in this wintry season, I used to putter in the garden on mild days doing midwinter cleanup of the roses and perennials, hunting daily for the first signs of green shoots coming up through the soil. Hours were spent perusing garden catalogs and thinking about what changes I wanted to make to the garden. Living in an apartment with no place to garden, I miss those things, so turned my attention instead to creating a crazy quilted flower garden. First, I gathered up all the little scraps of silk dupioni that I couldn't bear to discard and found a small piece of muslin scrap leftover from something else and made a block that is about 5 1/2" x 10". I have no idea at this point what I'll use it for, but for the time being I sure am having fun embellishing it!
Roses and Violets
On most of my previous crazy quilt work, I have completed all the seams before adding any embellishment, but on this block, I'm playing around a bit and trying some new things! Such as the sweet violets in the center and the trellis of Fargo roses! I've added some sweet ribbon trim that you can see in the first picture.
Dragonfly & Bluebells
This sweet beaded dragonfly was inspired by many of the ones I have seen on other's crazy quilts. I love the way it and the butterfly charm bring life to this block! I'm thinking there will be a few other critters before it's done! What fun it has been to play with bright colors instead of my usual subdued palette and to use some new techniques!


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