Blushing Pincushion

2009 Feb 22_1154, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In between other crazy quilt projects, I'm tucking a few little pincushions. I find them quick projects and a fun way to experiment with ideas while turning out a completed project at the same time.

2009 Feb 22_1140
I started off with a square of unbleached muslin, on which I pieced some lovely blushing silk dupioni in a circle 1/4" larger than a CD, which I used as my template. Then with some lovely silk pearl cotton and beading threads, I stitched the seam embellishments and added a piece of French lace received from Corey Amaro!

2009 Feb 22_1145
I added a millinary flower from my stash, some old shabby sequins left over from some ballet costume work I did years ago, a few worn faux pearls and rosey colored beads from my stash.

2009 Feb 22_1148
The bottom seam is embellished with a bit of ivory cotton eyelash yarn leftover from my Mother's weaving days!


Gerry Krueger said…
My mantra is a small house with a large garden near a libray and on a bus route. Your couch caddy is lovely... I think old linens would be a great RR.. My humble CQ beginnings were all old linens.. Hugs Ger

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