Lace trims 3, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I washed lace last night. For this delicate task, I use Eucalon, which is mild and does a nice job of removing dirt and grime with a soak of an hour or two. A second hour long soak with some Clorox 2 removed a few stains that the Eucalon didn't. After a good rinsing and gentle squeeze to remove the excess water, I ironed them while still damp and hung them on hangers to dry.

Lace trims 2
Now they are all clean and ready to use on various projects! Some of the lace appears to have been tea dyed at some point. There are a few that once adorned pillowcases and still have a bit of fabric sewn along the edges. Another piece, appears to have been trimmed from a petticoat hem! I'm saving it to trim a new petticoat! How sweet it will look to have a bit of lovely handmade lace peeking from under my skirt hems!


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