Bleeding Hearts and Daisies

More flowers for the spring crazy quilt block! A clump of old fashioned daisies with leaves in fly and feather stitch ~ I'm thinking they need a little bee to visit! My favorite is the wand of bleeding hearts!

While I believe in living in the season and enjoying it to the fullest, I find at this time of year that my heart yearns for spring! Working on these lovely spring flowers helps ease the yearning a little! In my reading, I came across this poem, which I thought fit my sentiments about this time of waiting. Enjoy!

That weary time which comes between
The last snow and the earliest green!
One barren clod the wide fields lie,
And our comfort is the sky.

We know the sap is in the tree.
That life at buried roots must be;
Yet dreary is the earth we tread,
As if her very soul were dead.

Before the dawn, -- the darkest hour!
The blank and chill, before the flower!
Beauty prepares this background gray,
Whereon her loveliest tints to lay.

Ah, patience! ere we dream of it,
Spring's fair new gospel will be writ;
Look up! good only can befall,
While Heaven is at the heart of all!
~ Lucy Larcom

P.S. ~ I had to laugh ~ I looked back at last years posting, and discovered that nearly a year to the day I posted this same poem!


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