Signs of Spring!

Yesterday at Barnes & Noble, I found the February issue of my very favorite magazine ~ Country Living, British Edition. A magazine cover like this makes my heart sing! What beauty! What hope for the coming season!

Sweet Signs of Spring
As a voracious reader (among other things!), I used to buy and read as many as 15 magazines a month. But with the efforts of downsizing over the past few years, I'm down to just a couple a month and British Country Living is the one, that I try to find, no matter what. I love the beautifully written and photographed articles such as this one on Spring bulbs!

Spring pages 2
Doesn't it make you want to get out into the garden or greenhouse and put your hands in the soil , pot up some lovely flowers and enjoy the changing of the seasons? I just had to share my delight in this issue with all of you!


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