Gypsy Colors

Gerry K block Lisa's Work, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
When Gerry K's round robin block arrived, it's colors made me think of the bright and colorful clothing and caravans of gypsies! It's been fun to work outside of my normal pastel and subdued colors and work with brights for a bit! It has also been a challenge!
Gerry K's CQ block
Gerry wanted lots of fancy seams, but the green satin seemed a little too plain, so I played around with a bit of lace and ended up dying some with alcohol inks to match the colors of the block ~ my first foray into dying lace. Now that I've finished a few bright sequin flowers and fancy seams, I'm pleased with the way this is going! I hope Gerry likes it as well! I have a bit more to do on it ~ I'm thinking about doing an embroidered rose, bohemian style on the purple block, but need to build my courage up before I get started on it!
Thomas n Mollie
My sweet kitties have been enjoying the afternoon sun! I've been cleaning like crazy today and it's where they've been sitting all day, out of my way! Poor Thomas is terrified of the vacumn and of brooms and mops, so cleaning day is not his favorite! I had just put the vacumn away when I took this picture. I think it's his, "I'm so relieved that's over!" look!


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