Whispering Hearts

Whispering Hearts Framed
Today I was able to get my Whispering Hearts project framed!  I was so glad to find the frame with the shadow box mat in exactly the right size at Michael's!  So nice to have another project off of the "unfinished project" list!  

Tahlia's Snowball Blk WIP
I've also been making progress on Tahlia's snowball block.  Hope to have it finished this weekend and in the mail on Monday! 

color blocked in
Friday has become my painting and stitching day!  I've been working on this painting ~ slow but sure.  I'll be posting most of my paintings over on my studio blog rather than here in the future, so if you want to follow along on my painting adventures, be sure to check that link from time to time!  


Laurie said…
It seems no matter what you do Lisa, it turns out so beautiful. Love the blocks, and your painting is awesome!

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