2014 ~ Taking Stock ~ Round Robin Blocks and Nearly Completed Projects

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Round Robins
Valentine RR Blocks WIP
I've participated in so many round robins over the years and only completed ONE project from them.  That's something that I need to change!  For this lovely set of Valentine RR Blocks, I asked for a serene zen look to go with the soft colors and so the silkies wouldn't get overpowered.  Most of the participants did a great job but one of them is a bit overwhelming and needs some elements lightened up before I complete this bell pull.  I think I'll put this one near the top of the list in hopes of getting it done by Valentine's Day this year.  

Rose Garden RR Blocks WIP
For this round robin, I asked for a rose garden theme.  I didn't give many instructions with this one and for the most part, the participants stuck to a similar color theme and the weight of the blocks feels fairly cohesive.  I need to add a little more weight to the upper left block and need to finish the unadorned block before completing this bell pull.  

Under the Sea DYB RR WIP
I loved working on these "Under the Sea" blocks!  I had the bright idea of making a book out of the blocks.  Everyone did such gorgeous work on the blocks.  But it's a case where I failed to communicate correctly what I was after.  Because most books have the hinge on the side, and I had hoped that the hinge of the shell would be a the side ~ positioned as you can see in the block below.  But when the first stitcher contacted me about what direction I wanted the blocks, I failed to communicate that.  Each block was stitched distinctively upright, with the hinge at the bottom.  So to make it into a book it  would have to open at the top and hinge at the bottom... but notice that none of the blocks are oriented upside down... so unless I want to stitch LOTS of upside down blocks (so they would be upright when the book was opened) for the "other side" of the pages, this isn't going to work.  As a result, this wonderful project has been sitting unfinished for a long time.  

Under the Sea DYB Block WIP
But I really do need to finish my block to complete the set!  Thinking instead of a book, I'll turn this set into a wall hanging.  Maybe later, I'll have another go at a book. 

Autumn RR Blocks WIP
I love the work that came back on this set of Autumn Blocks.  The soft colors will go beautifully in my home! The only reason I haven't completed this bell pull, is that I need to finish stitching the incomplete block and I simply haven't done it yet.  

Pansy RR WIP
The blocks from the Pansy Round Robin have been stitched together, but I still need to finish some stitching between the blocks, back it and edge it.  I'd love to have this one done by March or April. 

Nearly Completed Projects

Aqua Inchies WIP
I made this set of inchies several years ago.  I love them!  I had hoped to stitch them down to some white linen and get them framed, but now that I see them against the natural ecru linen, I think that's what they need.  It really shows them off!  They were going to hang in the bathroom at my apartment, which was all done in cream and aqua, but I'll find a different spot for them in my current home.  They are still some of the favorite stitching of mine that I've ever done! 

Embroidered Doodle WIP
This was nothing more than an embroidered doodle out of scraps of leftover threads and ribbons.  It needs framed so I can enjoy it in my study! 

Spring Garden to be framed
The Spring Garden is another piece that I need to get framed so I can enjoy it.  It's so dimensional, that it needs a shadow box frame.  It is an unusual size, so the frame needs to be custom made, which gets expensive.  But I really need to get this one framed so it can be enjoyed!  It's another favorite! 

Whispering Hearts to be framed
I completed this piece in Jude's Whispering Hearts class a few years ago.  Another piece of Spirit Cloth type stitching, I do like it and need to get it stretched and framed.  It's another one to try and get completed by Valentine's Day this year. 

Bunny Block CQ to be framed
This has to be my very favorite block from a round robin ever!  I pull it out when I need cheered up.  All those bunnies that Gerry stitched for me just make my heart sing!  Such gorgeous stitching from all the ladies who worked on it!  I've got a frame to put this one in.  I just need to get it done.  Hopefully I'll be able to get this done by the time I decorate for Easter this year. 


Leslie said…
Well, I feel significantly better about all my UFOs after seeing yours LOL. Beautiful work and good luck getting them all done.
On the Under the Sea blocks - it seems to me you could simply rotate every other block 180 degrees, slide it under the block next to it, sew together, then stack them up, stitch along bottom, and you'd have your book. It'd only be 3 pages long but still. No? Maybe I'm missing the problem since I can't see the blocks real well.
Gerry Krueger said…
I loved doing that bunny block and as I look at it now I probably could have squeezed in a couple more bunnies! LOL

As for your shell dilemma I would do them as a continuous book that opens accordion style. and then when placed on a table or mantle you would see them all at once....

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