2014 ~ Taking Stock ~ Fabric Collage etc.

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Fabric Collage and Spirit Cloth Stitching
Fabric Collage WIP
When I very first got into crazy quilting, I was deeply inspired by some of the fabric collage that Baumcat was doing at the time.  I pieced the one on the left thinking I would stitch it similarly.  But the fusible that I used in the center is horrifically stiff and difficult to stitch through, so now this just sits in my basket.  The upper middle one is an ATC that I need to finish.  The other two are part of a fabric collage that I did, intending to make pale green inchies out of it.  I may complete these one day as I really love the colors and textures.  But many more priorities of things to finish first before I tackle these! 

Christmas tags 01
I put together these Christmas tree ornaments thinking I would finish one for each of my kids.  I sent one off to my son Stephen when he was in Iraq so he could have a Christmas Tree that year.  I never finished the rest.  At the same time, I also pieced a few Christmas ATCs (artist trading cards) with the intent of swapping them.  Never finished those either.  They are made with the same horrible stiff fusible interfacing that I hate trying to stitch through.  

More ATCs made with the yucky fusible.  Lesson learned.  Try it out before going into mass production!  And choose an appropriate fusible for stitching through next time!  

Pinkeep CQ WIP items
I pieced these nearly 30 years ago when I tried crazy quilting for the very first time.  Victoria Magazine had published a photo of a crazy quilted heart that sat on a dressing table and held lovely brooches.  I completed two of them, one for my mother and one for me.  I lost mine in our house fire, but my Mom still had hers and it came back to me after she passed away.  I'd love to get these finished after all these years.  

I made these heart ATCs for a swap.  I sent one off and never completed the other two.  Same awful fusible in these!

Spirit Cloth WIP foundations
A couple (or more) years ago, I took one of Jude's Spirit Cloth classes and pieces these foundations for the class.  The whole process intrigues me, and I enjoy stitching this way from time to time, but then what do you do with it?  My walls are already full of paintings and handwork.  And I have more than enough pincushions.  I just haven't quite figured out what these pieces lend themselves to and thus they sit unfinished.  

Dream Spirit Cloth WIP
Another one from the Spirit Cloth class.  I call this one Dreams.  Again, unfinished.

Green Spirit Cloth WIP
Yet another one from the Spirit Cloth Class.  I love the effect of stitching the shear silk over the other fabric and the tactile nature of it.  Like the other's, it needs more stitching before being complete. 

Red Spirit Cloth Heart WIP
Inspired by a woven heart that Jude made, I did this one.  I can't quite let go of the crazy quilter in me though and so it begins to gather a bit of feather stitching.  I'd like to finish this one by Valentine's Day this year.  

Brown Heart WIP
I made this to go with the red heart above.  There is something about brown and red together that I love.  In the back of my mind, these hearts will eventually be part of a small heart wall quilt with at least 9 patches.  Only time will tell!  


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