Getting Organized for CQ

Oregon Junco
Love having the little Juncos visiting!  Such lovely little birds!  When they leave, I'll know that spring is soon to follow!  I think they'll be around for a while this year!

Wrapping Cart label
I've been hunting for something to help me keep my crazy quilting supplies handy to my comfy chair in the living room.  In my apartment in Flagstaff, I had shelves under the window next to my seat that made it easy to keep the things I used frequently at hand.  But in this house, the sewing room is in the basement and I have been finding that having all my supplies down there was keeping me from stitching.  At first I looked at a taller cart with rainbow colored bins, but that doesn't fit in with my mostly white decor very well, and I knew that I wouldn't be happy with it.  Then I found a 3-tray scrapbooking cart that looked promising, but was it large enough to hold a suitable amount of stitching supplies?  Then I spotted this white "Wrapping Cart", which is just perfect!  Six nice drawers, a side bin and a solid surface on top!  And it was on sale for 50% off!  Sold! 

Cart put together
It was easy to put together and the castors on the bottom make it easy to move around!  I like the fine mesh drawers that will keep things contained yet allow one to see the contents.  While it's not a piece of fine furniture, I think it's going to do the job admirably! 

CQ Cart!
The next step was to put my most used stitching supplies in it.  Perfect fit!  And I'll be able to simply roll it out of the way when it's not in use!  I left off two of the external wire things as I'm not storing rolls of wrapping paper or packaging ribbon.  The little side tray is a perfect spot to put some frequently used items such as my little thread/ribbon holder, my stitch reference book and my needle book as well as a pair of scissors. 

CQ Cart in use
All set to finish Tahlia's snowball block!

Painting rough in
I've also been doing some painting.  Right now, it's simply a rough sketch to lay out the shapes and get a feel for some value areas.  Hoping to complete this in the next week or two for my middle son and his wife!  They just moved into a new home and have very bare walls!  


Laurie said…
44I have something similar Lisa, with a wood top that I used to hold scrapbooking supplies, now for sewing projects. It works perfect for wheeling where I need it.
Anxious to see your painting when it's done!
Sandies' Patch said…
A very fine trolley indeed!
I could use one or more of those LOL!
Perfeito! Na minha sala intima tenho uma grande caixa de plastico com os itens necessários pois minha oficina fica um pouco distante do corpo da casa.
O quadro é uma promessa de algo muito bonito.
Um ótimo 2014 para você!
Um abraço!

Perfect! In my intimate room have a big box of plastic with the necessary items for my shop is a bit far from the body of the house.
The frame is a promise of something very beautiful.
A great 2014 for you!
maire said…
That sounds like a perfect storage unit for me too…can I ask where you got it or was it one of a kind? Appreciate a response!
Lisa Boni said…
Maire ~ I found the storage unit at Michaels with the scrapbooking storage supplies
Anonymous said…
I always wish for a basement to set up a craft/sewing area but then my friend set her's up in her basement and it was a great space but she didn't use it near as much as she thought she would. She ended up moving bck upstaris in the 2nd bedroom and has been happyily sewing ever since. Your cart is great and can be used for future projects too. And I had forgotten about the calendar cover, just looked at and decided to try and make one. Happy sewing Lisa!!!

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