White Christmas

White Christmas
We woke Christmas morning to a white Christmas with snow gently falling!

White Christmas Morning
The day started off quiet, though there was a bit of bustling around in the kitchen preparing our Christmas brunch.  There were bird feeders to fill with Christmas treats.  But best of all was the quiet that comes with new snowfall.  For me it was a beautiful gift!

Waiting for Company
Thomas waited patiently by the door all morning.  He seemed to know that all the kids were on their way!

Untitled And eventually, they all did arrive, safe and sound despite the snow and slick roads!  How wonderful to have them all around the table together!

Conrad under the tree
While we opened gifts, Conrad sat next to the tree watching the festivities.  It was a lovely day.  Then, mid-afternoon, my son Stephen became suddenly overwhelmingly ill.  His wife and I spent the remainder of Christmas with him at the ED, where he was diagnosed with complex migraines.  Who knew that they could produce stroke like symptoms.  We are so very grateful that it wasn't a stroke or something worse and that he is on the mend.

Red Barns ~ Summer
During the days following Christmas, the house was very quiet.  I put together my new easel and pulled out an old unfinished painting to work on.  It is still a work in progress, but coming along.  I have hopes of completing a series of seasonal barn paintings based on photos from my time in Iowa.  This one is Summer.

Frosted Window Pane
Since Christmas, the weather has been quite frosty.  Where the storm windows are missing, the old single panes are covered in frost each morning.

Frosted Window Pane
I love the iridescent patterns that play across them, different each day.

Winter Morning
Outside, the Christmas snow remains, blanketing the earth, like a fresh page, waiting for the day's story to be written across it and edited anew.

So too, the story of 2012 is nearly complete ~ and what a tale it has been this year.  There is much to think on and look back over,  but as my Mom would have said, "One MUST keep moving forward."  Soon the blank pages of 2013 will start to fill with new tales ~ and just as it was with 2012, it will be quite the tale!

Each year is such a gift and isn't it wonderful that we get this amazing opportunity to start afresh with each new year, each birthday, each anniversary and all the other markers that fill our lives.  Like the old saying from the late 60's/early 70's;
Today is the First Day of the rest of your Life! 
Make the most of it!  Write a beautiful story on today's page!


Leslie's Garden said…
I am in serious love with that summer barn painting! It is gorgeous. You have such a wonderful talent. Best wishes to you in the new year. I can't wait to see more of your art.
Julie said…
A very enjoyable blog post Lisa. I am glad your son is not seriously ill and is on the mend. I am waiting with anticipation to write on my new page too. Happy New Year in your new home.x
Laurie said…
Thank God all is well with your son, Lisa, it must have been quite the scare. Your post is beautiful. Such awesome words to take to heart. I love the pictures you took, so peaceful.
Anonymous said…
When I was a little girl none of our windows had storms on them and my mom always told me Jack Frost had painted the windows:):) I loved seeing what the frost had done on your window panes. I'm so sure your mom and dad were there with you in spirit and so happy for you. I'm hoping for a wonderful 2013 for you!
Cathy said…
I'm so glad your son is alright! That must've been scary. Your Christmas sounds delightful. That barn painting is unbelievable. I thought it was a picture until I read your text. You have mad talent, dear one! Hugs, Cathy
Adrienne said…
I'm so glad your son is well. And I love seeing your home again - it's so cozy and warm! The snow is gorgeous. The frosty windows are a work of art but make me cold to think about! I can't wait to see more of your barn paintings. We look back at the past year and see the goodness of God in the paths we've walk - and we look forward to what He will do in the New Year. Happy New Year to you, my friend. Wishing you many unexpected blessings in the months to come.

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