Meditations for Christmas ~ December 12, 2012

Paperwhite Narcissus

John 1:16
And from his fulness have we all received, 
grace upon grace.

dusting of snow
Winter seems to have arrived at last.  The nights have grown cold and the days chilly.  Morning sometimes sees a dusting of light snow or frost upon the ground.  I am grateful for the changing season.

Squirrel Feeder
The side patio has become the gathering place for the birds and squirrels of the neighborhood!  We love watching them.  What a surprise it was to even have a bobwhite visiting regularly!  We kept one piece of the old cottonwood tree and it has become the base for the squirrel feeder.  

House Finch
The house finches bring a lively bit of color!

newly sanded floor
Inside, the work is ongoing, though nearing the end of what will be done this winter.  The old black paint has been sanded off of the kitchen floor...

newly stained floor
and the new coat of stain applied that matches the countertops!  It's looking fabulous!   The last coat of finish is drying and tomorrow the appliances get put back in place.  Then I will apply the sealer to the countertops and the kitchen will be mostly finished!  All that is left is to put the trim up and to design the shelf brackets in order for my brother-in-law George to make them, then to put the shelves up!

It's really such an amazing thing to watch a dream come to life like this!


Adrienne said…
I always enjoy your Christmas meditations but seeing your wonderful, new home gives an added blessing! I'm so thrilled for you, my friend. God is good, isn't He?
Marty52 said…
Love that floor... it's so nice to see that dreams do come true!
Just want to say, though I don't comment here much, I've been enjoying watching your new home come together, and congratulations on a very successful job!

thank you also for your Christmas meditations.
Margaret said…
It is so interesting to read your blog, enjoy your meditations and photographs.

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