What to do in the Pouring Rain!

The morning dawned with pouring rain and dark gray skies.  I was debating just having a day at the B&B to rest and relax rather than attempting to visit St. Ives in the rain, but then, one of the couples staying there invited me to join them for the day at The Eden Project.  It was so nice not to have to drive (and to have a chance to ask all those questions about driving in the UK that had accumulated!).  The Eden Project is built on the site of a defunct clay mine.  In the past 10 - 15 years or so, they've transformed it into a unique setting with a focus on educating people about ecological sustainability and preserving the environment.  There are two enormous BioSphere units on the property, one with a RainForest environment and the other with a Mediterranean environment.  In addition, there are learning centers, many gardens, a stage, many sculptures and restaurants.

Near the entrance was this exquisite horse made of driftwood ~ it was just elegantly done!  I'm all bundled up in sweaters and jackets here as it was quite chilly ~ until we entered the Rainforest BioSphere!

Waterfall in the biome!
The biospheres were enormous!  Big enough for a large waterfall, tumbling creeks and ponds as well as numerous areas in which to exhibit different habitats from all over the world.

The kitchen at The Eden Project
We had a lovely lunch at one of the restaurants in the Biosphere area.  It was quite a production!  Fun to watch them making the dishes from the walkway overhead!

Beautiful Flowers!
Some of the tropical flowers were so bright and unusual!

The mediterranean ones were nearly all familiar, but no less beautiful!

I hadn't seen this variety of sage before ~ it was really lovely and something I'll search for to put in my own garden someday!

The rain let up for a bit in the afternoon, so we wandered the gardens for a while.  Loved the roses on the arbors in the outdoor gardens!

The Golden Guinea, Looe, Cornwall
At the end of the day, we had dinner at The Golden Guinea Restaurant in Looe.

Bullion Glass at The Golden Guinea
It still has some of the old Bullion Glass in the window panes.  What amazed me most was learning that the building dated back to 1632!

How the Golden Guinea got it's name!
There was a fun sign on the wall about how The Golden Guinea got it's name!

Alan and Jenny
But the most enjoyable part of the day was making delightful new friends!  Alan and Jenny were terrific and so kind to take a lone American traveller under their wings for the day!


Leeanne said…
Stunning place! How lucky to meet some new friends.
hpk said…
Love that you just keep meeting such wonderful people, and that providence took you to see this sight that probably was not on your itinerary.Lovely photos as always.Love h
Laurie said…
I love reading your travel log, and this is a place I want to add to my Wish I Could Go list. I would love to go in the biosphere, how beautiful. Thank-you for sharing!!
Susan Elliott said…
The sage is lovely. I hope you do find it to grow when you get back home. I m traveling myself and trying to get caught up on your posts from oldest to newest...as if I had actually gone on the trip. Just wanted you to know I m here and soaking it all in...something else to do when it's pouring rain. ;)

Xxoo Susan

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