A Day in Looe, Cornwall

Bucklawren Farm B&B
Bucklawren Farm B&B is a lovely large home on a hill overlooking Looe and the surrounding countryside.  How lovely it was to wake up to a mostly sunny morning here!

Sea View from Bucklawren Farm
The sea was blue and the white buildings of Looe shown in the sun!

Farm fields
The farmland was just a beautiful with green fields and hedgerows!

Beach at Looe, Cornwall, watercolor sketch
I decided that the best way to spend my day was in Looe, exploring the town a little.  I sat on Banjo Pier and did a watercolor of the beach.  They had combed designs into the sand.  At first there were few people about, but the numbers grew throughout the morning.

Looe Raft Race
As I walked into town, I saw all these signs up and it wasn't until later that I realized that it was the day for the Looe Raft Race!

Raft team
By afternoon, the teams were gathering on the beach!  I loved the Tenwilly team's outfits!

Crowd on Banjo Pier
Soon the pier was packed with people out to watch!

Raft Race at Looe
Soon the horn sounded and the rafts were off!  They had to paddle around the pier and up to the boat slip.  The tide was in full but it was still hard going around the end of the pier!

Fun and Games at the Looe Raft Race!
There was fun and games along the way!

Onlookers hurling Water Balloon bombs at the racers
And a few onlookers got into the fun by bombing the contestants with water balloons!  The contestants threw a few back!  I loved how the entire town seemed to turn out for the race!

Cornish Pasty!
I enjoyed a tasty Cornish Pasty while watching the race!  Yum!

Crabbing along the pier
After the race, I walked along the waterway.  Many of the people along the side were crabbing!  I'd never seen it done before, so one family was kind enough to show me their catch!

Bucket of crabs
None of the crabs were big enough to save, but the kids had great fun catching them, looking them over before dumping their buckets full back into the water to catch another day!  The crabs got an easy meal out of it!

Cornish treats!
As for me, I ended the day back at the B&B with a bottle of Blush sparkling hard cider and some sea salt chocolate for a snack!  Another lovely day!


Devon said…
Just beautiful,,and wow your water color is amazing,,I love it...glad to hear the weather is being nice to you..
hpk said…
The countryside and the B&B look storybook perfect. Just lovely. And how fun that you ended up there on the raft race day! Another touch of serendipity that's come your way. <3 hpk
Ren-in-Az said…
Oh Lisa!- I just read your last 3 days in GB and I had to say thank you for allowing me to experience vicariously through your photos. This part of the country is my second dream country to visit with Austria being first. I have wanted to go to these places also and feel blessed to see them through your eyes. I look forward to whatever you share on the rest of your British journey. This is so enjoyable including your watercolors. Again thank you. Blessings and safe travels.
Ren In Az
Leeanne said…
Thank you for sharing, I am enjoying your photo's of the beautiful country side.
Kath said…
what a lovely time you are having. I will confess to you now, I never holiday any where else but the UK and Ireland.
Chris said…
Fabulous blog post about Looe Lisa. I live here and run www.ilovelooe.co.uk It's so nice to see what other people think about the place and hear about the times they've had. Keep up the great writing.
Gillywallflower said…
I have followed your blog for a year or more now and have never commented before, however now you are in my home country I will. I just love Looe and try to visit at least once a year. I am so glad you got to stay there and experience the very British traditions such as tasting a real Cornish pasty and watching the raft race. I have spent many a happy hour or more along the estuary crabbing with my children now grown up. keep up the posts, they are so interesting.
welltraveled said…
Lisa it does my heart good to see what a fabulous trip you are having..No one deserves this special time than you do

God Speed Love you
Cathy said…
What a delightful post!. Aren’t the English people just fun-loving and grand? I recently watched a Midsomer Murders episode where the town vied to win a raft race. Such lovely traditions and experiences! *Sigh* Your watercolor sketches are just gorgeous, too. Continue having your wondrous experiences. Be safe and happy! Hugs, Cathy

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