A "Catch-up" Day

Breakfast at Beryl
Wednesday was a "catch-up" day for me.  The day dawned with pouring rain and it didn't let up for most of the day.  Being in a great location with comfortable rooms made it an easy choice to spend the day at the Bed and Breakfast.  And breakfast was superb!  Scrambled Eggs (the best I've ever had!) on local oak smoked salmon on toasted bread rounds was a great start to the day!  It was yummy and the smoked salmon so very tasty!

Beryl, Wells, UK
Beryl is located in Wells, UK.  I wasn't expecting such a grand country house!  It is magnificent!

Entrance to Beryl
The approach to Beryl give few clues about what is to come.  A dirt road and little sign on a stone wall points to a green tunnel under the trees.

And then you see the house and grounds!  After a brief tour of the house and my room, I explored the gardens.  My favorite was the walled garden

Entrance to the Walled Garden
An iron gate between two stone pillars topped by peacock statues leads to the walled garden.  I had a companion, the kitty Willow, who accompanied all through the gardens!

Walled Garden at Beryl in Wells
It was simply lovely!

A Doorway in the Walled Garden
There were door to other gardens...

The Walled Garden
Benches to sit and enjoy the garden from...

Kitty Companion for a Garden Walk
Lovely companionship!

Urn in the walled garden
Delights everywhere you looked!

Arbors at Beryl
It was delightful to wander the garden, stopping to smell the flowers, or to give Willow a chin scratch or simply stand and look and enjoy!

Beryl from across the Walled Garden
No matter which direction I looked, the view was fabulous, even the "kitchen" end of Beryl!

Drawing Room at Beryl
Inside, the house was just as lovely, from the Drawing Room decorated in yellow and blue,

Bar Room at Beryl
to the "Bar Room" decorated in cozy green and red.

Winter Room at Beryl
My bedroom was fit for a princess despite being tucked up under the eaves on the 2nd (it would be called the 3rd floor in the US) floor.

View of Beryl Grounds
The view from my skylight window was lovely.  You can just make out Wells Cathedral over the trees.

Washing up Day
So, to take a day to stay in and do my laundry and repack my suitcase, was really quite pleasant!  It felt good to be domestic for a bit.  I found I really needed a quiet day to myself.

Side Gate at Beryl
Two nights wasn't very long to stay at such a lovely place.  I was sad to leave it this morning, but you can be certain that if I ever come this way again, I'll be sure to stay here, and will make it a bit longer next time!


Anonymous said…
This is better than traveling with Rick Steves. Wonderful pictures and descriptions too. I'm enjoying this and I think it's so wnderful you take the time to share so much with us!!!!
hpk said…
Love the gardens! (Can't help but think of the Secret Garden, can you?) I can see why you would stay here again.
Susan Elliott said…
What an unbelievable place to stay! Your pictures and storytelling are magnificent. I'm savoring every deliciously described morsel.

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