A Journey Begins!

Early Morning at DIA
Very early last Friday morning, I departed DIA (Denver International Airport) on a trip that I have dreamed about since I was just a girl!  My bags were packed, repacked and cameras at the ready along with watercolor sketchbooks, a knitting project, travel guides, maps and a wide assortment of clothes!  The flight from Denver to New York City was an easy one!  A great start to the trip of a lifetime!

QM 2 from the air
What fun it was to see the ship I was about to board from the air as I flew into LaGuardia!

The QM2 at Dock in NY City
As impressive as it was from the air, standing on the dock and looking up at the Queen Mary 2 was even more impressive!

Manhattan from the QM2
Once settled on board, I enjoyed a walk around the ship and found myself enthralled with the views of Manhattan!  From the rising tower of the new World Trade Center, to the historic Brooklyn Bridge, it was amazing to see!  It makes me realize what a country girl I really am!

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was nearby.  Just over a century ago, my great grandmother arrived from Poland on these same shores!

Looking up at the Bridge on the QM2
As the ship prepared to leave, I stood on the forward decks watching all the action.  Then they loosed the ropes and we were off!  Music played across the decks and people gathered as the tugboats and police boats escorted the QM2 out into the channel.

Verrazano Bridge at Sunset
Going under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and watching how narrow the gap between the ship and the underside of the bridge is (only 4 meters or so) is a bit breath catching!  We actually got to do it three times, as there was a medical emergency aboard shortly after we crossed under the bridge the first time and so we turned around to return the individual to medical care on shore.  Thankfully, from what we heard, all ended well.  There were far fewer people outside on deck the third time under the bridge. Those of us who were there enjoyed a lovely sunset as we headed out to sea!

I'll post more as internet allows!  It just astounds me how modern technology allows us to write and post blog posts and photos from the middle of the north Atlantic!


Heikesquilt said…
Dear Lisa,
have a wonderful and save trip.
Unknown said…
Oh. That sounds wonderful. Summer before last, I made a trip to California and stayed two nights on the first Queen Mary in Long Beach. I loved it. I look forward to pictures of your room and other aspects of the ship. Do have a wonderful time.
Linda Ruthie said…
WOW! Have a great time!
Rhonda Halushka said…
Your trip sounds wonderful! The countryside so so beautiful and you will have such a lovely visit to all those places you had only dreamed of before! 6 weeks! Hope to read lots of posts and see your photos here!
Wonderful! I look forward to hearing more!
hpk said…
I remember as little girls we got to go climb through the statue of liberty. The torch arm was already off limits but I remember climbing through the patina green and the little iron chairs to rest on the way up. And then looking out through the crown at the top. You were older so I'm sure you remembered it to as you sailed by. Love you! h
Adrienne said…
I just had 'goosebumps' as I read this post. How exciting! Seeing the beginning of your voyage with you is wonderful. I'm looking forward to more. Just wish I was stowed away somewhere on board ship with you!

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