Chatsworth ~ The House

No matter how you look at it, Chatsworth is one imposing building/estate/garden/etc.  It's hard to imagine just one family living here (though really, countless people did and do live here, just to keep the place functioning).

Playful Dogs Sculpture at Chatsworth
Throughout the grounds, there are statues from across the centuries.  I enjoyed these playful hounds in the courtyard as you prepare to enter!

The Grand Entry Hall at Chatsworth
The entry hall is grand and imposing.  All extremely ornate.

The Main Entrance Hall at Chatsworth
How do you being to describe such a sight?  Words fail me.

Beautiful wood carving at Chatsworth
Throughout the house, one of the things I loved the most, was the quality of the wood carving.  From these beautiful twisting pillars with their garlands of flowers and the beautiful paneling... (and note the beautiful velvet dress worn by the Duchess of Devonshire at the Queen's Coronation)

Wood Carving at Chatsworth
to the exquisitely delicate and intricate carving in the chapel...

More Woodcarvings at Chatsworth
And the life-like birds on the panels in an adjacent room, which is all of a hunting theme, hence the "dead" birds.  Beautiful and amazing to see such wood carving.

The Plate Room at Chatsworth
So many of the rooms were over the top, such as this Plate Room with its collection of oriental porcelain hung in columns on the high walls.  For myself, I found the "State Rooms" to be dark, uncomfortable and a little too much for my simple tastes.  Amazing to see?  Yes, but who would want to spend much time in those rooms?  Really?

I found the house hard to get comfortable with.  The grand scale of everything puts it out of reach somehow.  I also found much of the interior to be very dark ~ not just because of the conservation efforts, but there was so much dark wood paneling, especially in the formal State Rooms.  I couldn't wait to get out of them after a while, as I found myself craving light!  It was much better in the guest bedrooms with their lighter walls, but the sheer quantity of ornamentation also got to be somewhat overwhelming for me.

One of the Gallery Hallways at Chatsworth
I did love the long hallways hung with artwork ~ so many amazing paintings to see!  And didn't Mr. Darcy walk down one of these hallways?

Beautiful Glass Chandelier at Chatsworth
Beautiful crystal chandeliers in the hallways.

Beautiful tapestry rug at Chatsworth
Gorgeous tapestry rugs on the bedroom floors.

Handpainted Wallpaper at Chatsworth
Amazing handpainted wallpaper on one of the guest bedroom walls.

John Singer Sargent painting at Chatsworth
Everywhere you looked, there was another beautiful piece of artwork, such as this massive painting by John Singer Sargent.

The Dining Room at Chatsworth
The dining room was enormous.  Somehow this room seems so much more friendly than most of the other public rooms here.

The Bride statue at Chatsworth
My favorite thing to see here in the house at Chatsworth was the statuary, in particular, this lovely piece which is delicate and beautiful and an amazing tribute to the skill of the sculptor.

Sleeping Lion Statue at Chatsworth
But this sleeping lion captured my heart as well!

Me at Chatsworth!
So, here I am, at the end of the day, a little footsore, overwhelmed with all I had seen, and grateful that I will eventually go back to a small home and ever so glad that I don't have to be responsible for taking care of this enormous place and all of its beautiful, if over the top, stuff!  It was fun to see, but I'm so glad to live a simpler life!


Kath said…
I have not been to Chatsworth, although it has been on TV many times. I love the frolicking hounds, they are the size, shape and colour of my own dogs!
Like you, I am grateful for a modest home without the responsibly of such a property and grounds.
I did like the quote on the side bar about a small house, a large garden, friends and books, how perfectly true!

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