At Sea!

Just after Sunrise on the QM2
Each day at sea is a dream!  On this particular day, I rose with the sun and took an early morning constitutional around the deck.  I kept stopping to watch the rising sunlight on the water!

Deck Chairs - Early Morning
Each lap around the deck is 1/3 mile.  The deck gets cleaned each morning.  At first I was nearly the only one out, but it wasn't long until I was joined by several other walkers!

Off the back of the Ship
The pools are still quiet in the early morning and the waters calm on this day.

Some images are just iconic and exactly what one expects to see on the rails of the deck!

Looking back along the QM2
My room has a balcony and I spend time each day looking over the rail.  The waves and wake of the ship are mesmerizing!

Cresting waves
Each wave is unique and as the weather changes, the way they crest changes as well.  Fascinating to watch the ever changing variety, at least to me, who has never really had the opportunity to experience anything at all like this before!

One afternoon and evening, we had somewhat rough seas and occasionally had large waves cresting into the air.  The colors in the water are amazing!  Despite the roughness, this big ship is built to maintain an amazing amount of stability.  It does make one walk a bit wobbly though!  No one I've met has had even the slightest amount of sea sickness!

  Queen Mary 2 in the Evening
At the end of the day, it's a treat to go out onto one of the higher observation decks and look back at the ship all lit up!  Beautiful!  The gentle rocking of the ship and the sound of water flowing past is the perfect mix to ensure a restful sleep!

I've really become a fan of traveling across the Atlantic in this fashion!  It has met and exceeded all the expectations that I had!  In my next post, I hope to share about some of the activities that I've been participating in on board ~ there is never a dull moment and so much to experience!


Flutterby Patch said…
It looks wonderful Lisa. I shall follow you all the way. I've just finished following Susan Branch's similar trip (on her blog) so am looking forward to your pics and observations. Hope you've got plenty of wet weather gear! Have a great trip. Eli x
very nice photos
I think that is a good holiday
imquilternity said…
It looks like the trip of a lifetime. I'm really very envious but so glad you get to have this wonderful experience. And, I'm thankful you're sharing it with's the next best thing to being there myself.
Linda Ruthie said…
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I can almost smell the salty air. It looks like you are enjoying every minute.
Susan Elliott said…
I am THRILLED for you AND for me!! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts, and the pictures, and your feelings...I'm absolutely over the moon excited with you and for you. It couldn't be happening to a nicer, kinder, better person! YAYYYY!!!
Adrienne said…
Now, I want to take a sea voyage! You are so blessed to see your dream come true!
Anonymous said…
This has to be so exciting and rewarding this is great to follow along with you:)
Gillie said…
Have a wonderful time, Lisa, wish we could offer you good weather in the UK but I know you will enjoy yourself.
maire said…
I'm so happy for you, Lisa! Thank you for bringing your camera along and the wonderful photos you take!!!

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