"New" Old Sewing Basket

Old Sewing Basket
I'm back from a lovely few days in Colorado with my family!  While there, my daughter and I spent an afternoon browsing through an antique mall, where I bought myself an early birthday present!  This lovely old sewing basket just had to come home with me!  I love the rich blue of the old silk and the deep tufting.  A perfect spot to show off some old lace!

A couple bags of lace trims resulted in these delicate beauties!

Old Lace
As well as a few more bits of lacy goodness!

Embroidered holder
We also found this lovely embroidered linen pouch.  I suspect it may have held hankies or silk stockings at one time!

Roses & Hyacinths
A stop at Trader Joes on the way home resulted in a lovely bouquet of sweet pink roses!  They look lovely with the hyacinths!

Old bulbs
The paperwhites were done blooming, so it was time to uproot them and replace them with fresh bulbs.  I always hate to throw these gorgeous bulbs away, but I've never had success getting them to re-bloom in subsequent years.  Loved how they looked, so had to take a photo!


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous basket, Lisa, lovely blue and such an interesting shape - great find.
Devon said…
Beautiful...and I can smell the flowers thru the computer,,Happy Birthday,,,
That is lovely; seems the old stuff always has so much more character.
My grandmother had a sewing basket similar to this and I often wonder where it went. I would certainly have treasured it if I'd been lucky enough to inherit!
Thuis Thuis said…
Nice weekend.
Love Annette
Anonymous said…
The basket in gorgeous and in such good condition and the lace is delightful!
Adrienne said…
What a wonderful birthday gift to yourself! The basket is beautiful and the laces are absolutely gorgeous!

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