Old Artwork

tempera crayon relief
I brought home some old artwork on a recent trip to Colorado that I had done when I was a girl, most of which I had long forgotten.  In the packet was this crayon tempera relief that I did in 7th grade art class .  We had a fabulous art teacher that year, Mrs. Carson.  She gave us a wonderfully solid foundation in drawing technique (better than the later college courses I took) and taught us how to truly draw what we saw rather than to draw what we only thought we saw.  Looking at my artwork from before that class to after it, I can see an enormous jump in technique and layout.

We spent a good part of one semester doing leaf, gourd and weed studies.  At the end of it, she had us compose these pieces and then simplify them to create these crayon tempera relief studies.  I remember this piece as being such fun to create.  I can also see from it that my love of green and leaves goes back a long way!  I love this piece and hope to get it framed and hung in my living room soon!

Looking for Inspiration
I really want to get back to sketching in watercolors and ink on a regular basis.  To inspire myself, I've not only been looking at all the childhood artwork I have, but I've also been looking through my more recent sketchbooks!  What fun!  It makes me wonder why in the world I ever stopped doing this on a daily basis.  Must get back to sketching daily!


Leslie said…
Yes, if I could sketch and watercolor that well, I'd certainly be doing it every day. I always really enjoy when one of your blog posts contains one or more.
Julie said…
If you need more sketching inspiration, check out

This is a blog with numerous sketchers...
Susan Elliott said…
You're so talented. Keep sketching. I love to see them. I think that blue book peeking out from under is really cool looking. I would love for you to do a sketchbook/crazy seams inspiration book and self publish...I would be the first in line to buy it...xo susan
You have such wonderful talent; what a blessing and a gift!
JustGail said…
I like that crayon-tempera piece, it would make a great fabric.

Julie - thanks for the link, it's been added to my list of places to visit.

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