January Musings

Breakfast - wide shot
What is it about January that inspires cleaning and paring down so much?  Maybe it's putting away all the Christmas clutter.  Whatever it is, I find myself wanting things spare and simple in January.  Each day finds me cleaning up a small corner.  This morning it was the end table.  A simple linen cloth, pots of sweet smelling spring bulbs and then a few minutes of quiet while I eat my breakfast with the lovely soundtrack from Pride & Prejudice playing in the background.  A lovely way way to start the morning!

Cranberry Walnut Petit Batard
On my way home from Colorado this past week, I stopped at Trader Joe's and brought home this lovely Cranberry Walnut Petit Batard bread.  A slice of that with my morning cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea is just perfect!


FredaB said…
Lisa you should try the Irish Breakfast tea at Trader Joes. It is so good i bring boxes of it to florida because there is no TJ down here yet.

I must try that bread. Looks delicious.


Susan Elliott said…
I find myself organizing like a banshee!! And getting very reflective...and writing a lot...I like the quiet time I get in January. It's even better when it snows...

I've been reading your blog for a few years now and I always admire your spring bulbs in the middle of winter and every year I tell myself to do the same thing...and every year, I don't. There's always next year, right?

I feel peaceful just visiting here...

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