De-Stashing Projects

Black & White quilt top
One of the goals on my annual list (every year!) is to downsize my belongings, including the amount of craft stuff I have.  I often think that if it weren't for sewing/crafting stuff and books, I would have a minimal amount of stuff!  I'd really like to do some serious de-stashing, but hate hauling stuff to the thrift shop as I think they often see fabric and just toss it.

Then I thought about how the hospital makes quilts for the beds in Pediatrics and how those quilts then go home with the child.  It's a small thing, but it makes what could otherwise be a scary time for a child or teenager a little bit friendlier. The kids love the quilts and Pediatrics often hears back about how much they continue to love the quilts at home.  At first I was just going to take them a couple bins of fabric, but then I ended up having to be home from work this week (nasty cough and cold) so it was a good opportunity to be a little more productive.

baby quilt
I found enough pre-cut blocks to make this crib quilt top.  There's enough fabric for several more quilt tops so I'm busy cutting blocks tonight!

My "helper"
Thomas is my constant companion while I'm working!  No matter what I'm doing, he has to be right there in the middle of it!


That is such a thoughtful and wonderful idea. I often wondered what I should do with a massive amount of baby fabrics that I sort of inherited, now I know. :) Thanks for sharing your ideas and projects. Absolutely love following you.
Leeanne said…
That is a great idea, and if you have the time, why not! I too have 'helpers'.
Kristi said…
our guild and the other quilt guild in town make crib quilts as our charity's a wonderful idea and thought!
Susan Elliott said…
You get an A++ for turning a crappy situation with a cough and cold into an opportunity to help someone else. Advance to Boardwalk and if you pass go collect double the bonus!!

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