Blocks for Valentine's

Block 1
The piecing of the Valentine blocks went quickly today!

Block 2
The only thing I'll change for using the template in the future is to allow a larger seam allowance around the outside ~ another 1/2" at least, as I like a little extra room in case the stitching and embellishment pulls the block in.

Block 3
I love the soft colors.

Block 4
Looking forward to adding some silk ribbon embroidery as well as other embroidery to these blocks!

Block 5
And I suspect there will be a few little birds added as well!

Valentine Bell Pull
This gives an idea of how the blocks will go together!


Nicola said…
Your fabric and colour choice is exquisite. Do you take commissions?
Thuis Thuis said…
Love Annette
Ane Scherrer said…
Perfect color choise! It will be great! Brazilian kisses...
Dawn said…
This is going to be stunning, Lisa!!!!!!
Suztats said…
Gorgeous! I'll be checking back to watch your progress on this.
I love the bird images and the colours you have chosen are gorgeous. This is going to be SO pretty!!
Susan Elliott said…
Those birds and their blocks are so very lovely. It's a beautiful beginning. So glad I get to be here for the show!
Trayne1837 said…
I really like the way you show how to make your blocks. I love to do foundation piecing. I love the beautiful bird block. Were these from material or did you print the bird pictures yourself.
I have a feeling, I maybe drawing out my own blocks for piecing from now on.

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