54 Years!

Each year is a gift!  But gosh, they seem to go by so quickly these days!

Aqua glass
I've been having fun with the camera again.  There is something about these old aqua glass bottles that I just love.  They pick up the light so beautifully.

A Bit of Green
Every bit of sunlight that comes into my apartment on these winter days is cherished.  The plants, the kitties and I all gravitate towards it for the few minutes it is here each day.

Birds & Wildflowers Quilt top
Another quilt top finished!  This one on a birds and wildflowers theme!

I've started two new blogs this month to compliment this one.  The first, Ivory Blush Roses Annual Project is where I document my Photo A Day, Watercolor a Week and Crazy Quilt Block a Month.

Ivory Blush Roses Reads is where I'll be writing about my favorite books, movies and what I'm currently reading.  I'm not a great critic, but I love to read and read a lot of books on a number of different topics and would love to share a little about what I'm reading!

Both links are also listed in the sidebar.  I'd love to have you visit!


MadameRenard said…
Happy birthday! :)
the quilt top is great!!!
Tatkis said…
Happy Birthday, Lisa! May all your dreams come true, and all your family are healthy!

Happy birthday (I'd sing, but I have it on good authority that it's not something you would EVER want me to do!). Have a great day!
Sweet Sue said…
Happy Stitchy Birthday Lisa!
JustGail said…
a bit late, but Happy Birthday!

I've enjoyed your photos of scenery and the wall shelf and china cabinet very much in the months since I discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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