Working on Block 4

Block 4 WIP Cream/White CQ
Often, what takes me the longest when working on one of my crazy quilt projects, is coming up with what to do on each block. Since this is the 4th block, it's even harder, as I want everything to go with all the work that has been done before. I spend more time mulling over what to do, looking at the blocks, looking through books, photos, blogs, stash, etc. Then suddenly, it all seems to come together and progress makes giant leaps forward!

I spent some time looking through old embroidery books and eventually made my way to the stack of old embroidery transfers that I have. I narrowed down a selection of embroidery motifs to the two shown on tissue paper pinned to the block. In the taupe velvet patch, I hope to do a stem of cast on stitch flowers inspired by some that Diane did, which were shown in Issue 2 of Pat Winter's new CQ magazine. There are still a couple of patches to work out, but at last I have lots of ideas!

Cream/White CQ WIP June 2, 2011
As I look at all the blocks together, I'm so pleased to see this getting towards completion! At first, I thought I would add corner squares to the border, but as I look at it with the filet crochet rose trim in place, I'm thinking it doesn't need them, just some nice creamy fabric under the lace to make a nice border.

Embroidery Transfers from the Early 1900's
It has been lots of fun looking through the old embroidery transfers. I've been gifted with so many over the years and have used them for so many things. Remember all those embroidered jeans and work shirts in the 1970's and 80's? One of my treasures is this set of transfers from the early 1900's. Way back when, I placed them on these photo pages in order to preserve them. Of course, now I know that the "stickum" used is not good for them. But they are well stuck, so one of these days, I will scan them all in order to make sure they survive for posterity. One of the butterflies turned out to be just perfect for Block 4!

Old Embroidery Transfer Envelopes
While most of my transfers have been gifted to me, I also keep my eye open for them whenever I am out antiquing. There is something about these lovely old designs that I love. So graceful! I love to think of women taking the time embroider these lovely bits on their undergarments and baby clothes!

Baskets to Embroider
Among the transfers in my keep, there is quite a selection of flower baskets! I'm imagining these all being used in a crazy quilt some day!


John'aLee said…
Those are some great transfers! And what beautiful blocks. Great work!
Unknown said…
Ah, flower baskets. I'm working on a flower and fruit basket cq now. I have a couple of those transfers, too, which I'm using. I'm adding dimension with trapunto and some raised embroidery techniques. May add stumpwork before I'm done. I join you in love of old transfers.
Susan Elliott said…
Hi Lisa! I know exactly what you mean when you say that sometimes planning what you are going to do takes lots longer than the actual doing (and it sure takes a looong time for the actual stitching too!)

I like your decision to keep your border creamy and simple with that beautiful filet crochet. It's going to be grand.

And I'm friends with Bobbi above. And she is working on a great flower basket quilt. One of my favorite quilts of hers is an all gray wool suiting crazy quilt she did with zillions of different kitty embroideries from vintage transfers. You do, indeed, have a kindred spirit in her.

Sending you blessings and love and hugs...Susan
Maria cristina said…
anch'io ho transfer vecchi
li conservo con cura

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