What I've Been Working On...

Patchwork in progress
With a few days off, I've been keeping busy with all sorts of things. I'm back to stitching tiny patches together, working towards the small quilt I want to make.

Patchwork Squares
Though these patches aren't in any particular order, I love how they can mix and match so easily with one another! Eventually, they will be intermixed with larger patches and maybe even a few squares with modified star patterns and hearts.

basted stitching pattern
I transferred the embroidery designs onto Block 4 of the Cream/White CQ Quilt by doing simple running and back stitch directly through the tissue paper. Then I stitch right over those outlines.

A Little Knitting
There is even a bit of knitting in the mix. I started this light shawl a year ago. It is so soft and lovely to work with, but I have a long way to go! It's a good project to pick up and knit a few rows on each day.

While Jonathan was here, he helped me get this old dresser sanded and prepped for painting. My BIL George helped remove the old bubbled veneer top and I've been painting it and getting it finished up. This used to stand in the hallway of my old house that burned back in 1999. With minimal smoke and water damage, it was one of the few pieces of furniture that I decided to try and salvage. It's been sitting in storage since that time and it is so good to see it coming back to life!

I just love white painted furniture with glass knobs! And I love that all the old character remains in this piece even after all the sanding and priming! I should mention that this dresser used to be dark brown with metal hardware. I'm loving the transformation!

Lisa and Kids 21May2011
This picture of my kids and me was taken on the morning of my Dad's funeral. From left to right: Gary, Jonathan, Zach, me, Jessie, Stephen and Amanda. Amid the sorrow of our loss and the memories of my Dad that day, there was much laughter and much joy. My Dad would have loved it!


Leeanne said…
I'm glad you had a happy send off for your dad....lots of laughs are always good medicine.
Phyllis said…
It's been a while since I've visited you (or anybody) but wanted to say I'm sorry for the loss of your father.

The tiny squares are so pretty - my favorite colors. Are you hand stitching them all together? Goodness, I can't wait to see what beauty you turn them into!
Anonymous said…
You always have such a lovely colour palette, and the drawers look wonderful. There are such mixed feelings at funerals; I'm glad that happiness was there too.
You are a busy lady! I love how that little quilt is progressing. Would love to see it when it is finished.
Susan Elliott said…
Are ALL of those kids yours??? Holy Smokes! What a wealthy woman you are. I had no idea you had that many. It's true that joy has a way of sneaking into funerals. Thank God for that. They're good time to re-center ourselves as a family...the survivors...and set new ground for relationships moving forward. I'll never forget when my parents lost their remaining living parent. I think I grew up a lot on those days.

Your mini quilt reminds me of the forest on a bright and sunny day. And I too like white furniture and glass knobs. It's good to see you having a few days off and making such good use of it. Stay well. xoxo Susan
Anonymous said…
I love the way the colors blend on your tiny blocks. It's a real gift to be able to put colors togther and have them look so natural, like they grew that way:) It was good to see you looking so wonderful after your surgery. You are truly amazing. Mary
Adrienne said…
It's good to see you and your kids, my friend. You are looking so good! Your little blocks are wonderful. I love the white dresser - so special to have it redone. The laughter the day of your father's funeral reminds me of the laughter after my father's service. It was a time to remember some of the funny things he did and said - and he would have loved it, too. I'm thrilled you and your dear ones could share laughter at such a difficult time.

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