Pink Geranium
The pink geraniums are blooming on my windowsill!

Woodland Quilt WIP 19Jun11
Spare moments find me stitching more little squares together. There are getting to be enough of them, that I wanted a way to view them and keep the cats from laying on them, so I constructed a quick temporary "design wall" by taking a wide piece of flannel from my fabric stash, pinning one end around a length of short closet rod and hanging it over a door way. I like the fact that the flannel will still be whole if I choose to make something with it, but also that it serves a practical use in the meantime!

The squares are in no particular order at the moment. I mostly wanted to make sure I wasn't getting "off track" with the color arrangements. As I go, I'll start grouping them into 12" blocks. So far, I have enough for 2 ~ 12" squares. This quilt will need 16 ~ 12" squares, so lots more stitching to go! For now, more stars are on the agenda!


Leslie said…
Love the colors in the quilt - it's going to be lovely. The geranium is a beauty also.
Susan Elliott said…
I love all the green. I can just see this quilt on a bed in the context of your white decorating style. Beautiful!
Anonymous said…
It's coming together beautifully. I love the different greens.
Anonymous said…
This is so interesting how your work evolves:) I've been worried so checked with a mutual friend to be sure you are coming along okay. Praying all is well! Mary
JustGail said…
The quilt is looking great!

What camera do you use? I'm starting to consider replacing my old Cannon (which I love, but it's low on pixel count and no image stabilization). I really like the close-ups you show, especially the flowers.
guemalde said…
So nice as usual !! Just a hello from Reunion island Guem

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