Tiny Patches

Woodland Quilt WIP 14Jun11
I've been stitching little squares of fabric together on my two days off! Love the way these are coming out. Each 9 patch is 3" square, the larger patches, such as the star block are 6" square. For the woodland quilt, I'd like it to be about 52" square so will need a total of 16, 12 " blocks (plus a forested border), which means I've got a lot of stitching ahead of me!

1 and 1 1/2" squares
The little squares are 1" and the larger ones are 1 1/2". The tiny size means these are nicely portable projects. In a sandwich bag, I can tuck a stack of fabric pieces, the tiny card stock template, a needle and bobbin of embroidery thread as well as a small pair of scissors. It fits nicely in my purse or my work bag and means I can use spare minutes stitching!

I hope to make at least 4 stars for this quilt.

With some of the tiny leftover scraps from making blocks, I've been stitching book marks! This is about 1" wide by 5" long. These scraps are from a second set of blocks I've been working on for a summery bag.


Anonymous said…
The star was a complete surprise and a really good one. The colors are going together so well and I love the book mark. What a great idea. Mary
Anonymous said…
There's something very satisfying about stitching tiny pieces together, and these little blocks are looking lovely. The bookmark is a great idea too.
Susan Elliott said…
So sweet with all those batiks. It seems like you're enjoying the play with value. I see the tiny patches match a rug in your house. Will it be a project for that room?
Anonymous said…
I love the woodland colours and the flickering from light to dark in the squares like sunlight across a forest floor. Lovely!
Vicki Boster said…
The color combinations here are gorgeous! I know you are getting ready to create another masterpiece!!

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