Aqua Glass

No new stitching to show today, but I did another watercolor and ink sketch! From time to time I participate on the Wet Canvas scavenger hunts. Every 9 days they put out a new list of items to draw and I've been using that list to motivate me to get back to sketching!


Leslie said…
I never knew you were such an artist with brush and pen! I so envy your watercolor skills and love that you've begun adding them to the blog.
Anonymous said…
You are really multi-talented. Wow! Jane
Adrienne said…
Beautiful! You are so talented! I love watercolor and yours looks so real. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Vicki Boster said…
I had no idea that you were a sketch artist. You are dobly talented-- I have admired your stitching for such a long time- this beautiful sketch is a sweet surprise!

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