Spring Inchies

Old Inchie Palette, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Inspired by the delightful spring inchies that Dawn is creating for the 39 Squares Stitch Along project, I decided to try my hand at some as well. I started off thinking I would use my favorite greens and taupe as I really love these muted shades.

Inchies with old palette
After the first two inchies were stitched, I realized that they weren't evoking spring as I had hoped. The colors were just too dusty. While I kept the one shade of sage green, I removed all the taupe stitching.

New Spring Palette
A search through the thread box for brighter "spring" greens resulted in the above palette. In the end, I only used 5 of the colors.

Spring Inchies
Much better! The whole piece looks so much more cheerful and hopeful!

Spring Inchies #3
So far, I've stitched all the borders for the squares (40!) and completed three of the blocks. Sun and rain and a little bluebird on the wing! I'm a bit behind the rest of the group, but hope to stitch a couple of these a day!


Dawn said…
I just knew your inchies would be perfect!
Now to see all forty....
I know I shall swoon!
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh, I love the rain block because it is blue:) Will be fun to see each block evolve. Mary
lindaschiffer said…
I LOVE what you have done with this and I truly thank you for pointing me toward the stitch along. I think I will join in. :)

Linda (itching for an excuse to stitch)
Becca said…
Just found your blog, oh my! You have my life verse posted! I have always wanted to do needlework like this but did not know how to start. I am so inspired by what I saw, thank you for sharing. I need find some fabric and get started.

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