A Little More Winter

Outside the snow is melting quickly and though it is still many feet deep in some places, the ground shows through under the trees! I'm so glad to see it! There is still a bit more winter to come, but at last there are hints that spring is coming!

Inside, I've been stitching away on Margreet's Winter/Christmas DYB blocks. She asked for a winter/ice theme, so everyone has worked in shades of blue and white with a bit of grey and irridescence. For my block, I tatted a snowflake and embellished it with beads. Margreet sent along the silver gem charm to add.

Margreet's  Winter/Christmas DYB by Lisa
Here is a complete picture of the block I worked on.

Margreet's Winter/Christmas DYB Joint Block
This is the joint block that everyone worked on together.

Margreet's Winter/Christmas DYB Blocks
As I am the last person to work on Margreet's blocks, I had lots of inspiration! The participants in this round robin were, from left to right: Rose Anne, Margreet (who will get to finish the last block!), the joint block, Rita, Karrin and me. What a gorgeous set of crazy quilt blocks! I can't wait to see what Margreet does on the last block and how she puts them all together!


Walden said…
I am not a fan of winter, but I love the blocks. Such a wonderful balance.
Dolores said…
What a gorgeous piece. You are all so very talented.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous!!! I just love that color combination. It is so lovely!!!!

Wonderful stitching!!!!

Ann Flowers
allie aller said…
Lisa, your work is always so inspiring!
Susan Elliott said…
And you tat too! lovely!
Connie said…
Just gorgeous! I love your style. Connie
Very pretty and very delicate. A beautiful piece.

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