Little Joys!

Ritva choose lovely rich colors for her round robin blocks. They remind me of wonderful old tapestries and "old master" floral paintings. It was a joy to work on and I hope that Ritva likes what I've done!

Spring Vignette
With spring coming and the snow finally melting, the little old shelf has been updated with a spring theme The expression on the bunny's face makes me smile every time I see it!

Leafy Ball
At Michael's, I found this leafy green ornament in their spring decor.

Too much Cute!
One of my favorite blogs, Moline (Germany)(also see her Flickr photos), often features these little Shleich animals in sweet vignettes. How delighted I was to find that I could order them online from Agape Bears! Such sweet little critters! Opening the box made me feel like a little girl again!

Sheep on the shelf
I also ordered a family of sheep. Such silly little things to get excited over, but they do make my heart sing!

p.s. If you look back through the blog, you may notice that all the old comments have disappeared. The comment service that I had been using was discontinued and I felt that the replacement service had some privacy issues, so I have returned to Blogger's default comments for the time being. I did archive the old comments and hope to restore them when they come up with a simple way to do so!


Gillie said…
Goodness, you are right about Moline's blog - thank you for letting us see your touches of spring around the house! It's coming, I know it is!
Anonymous said…
I love what you have added so I'm sure your friend will too:) The dragon fly really looks great!! I hope spring will be here soon, it's been so gray and dreary here in Michigan so your BLOG cheers me up. Mary
Phyllis said…
Your shelf looks so pretty and I love the little critters.

Your stitching is equisite :)
Hello from Michigan.

After my awful day yesterday, It was a joy reading your blog today.It truly picked up my spirits. It has been a wee while. I am sorry about your slip on the ice. How awful for you. I hope you are feeling better now. Your wee pastel beaded heart is truly beautiful. A work of art, indeed. I also think your English Cottage Garden sketches and water color painting is truly beautiful. Your are a true artist. Hugs Judy
welltraveled said…
The newest handwork is fabulous..Very GRAND and ELEGANT..I love the wee sheep.
Missed you on the Cape
Marty52 said…
Beautiful stitching on the block but I have to say that those hedgehogs are just the best! Such a cute little bunch they are!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa!

I love everything you have done on my block! It is wonderful!

Ritva in Finland
Mom E. said…
I LOVE YOUR SHEEP FAMILY as well as Flagstaff. My sister lives there...
I have enjoyed it mutliple times, I too enjoy crazy quilt and cross stitch...I have been planning crazy quilt, ahven't actually DONWE more than 1 piece however!
Love your blog,

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