Spring Inchies 6 - 10

Spring Inchies 30Mar10, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

There are so many things I love about spring! I'm loving adding them square by square to this project!

Spring Inchies 6 & 7

Inchie 6 is an apple blossom. There are few things that give me more joy in spring than seeing apple trees in bloom! I also love that first flush of green on the trees, so that is Inchie 7.

Spring Inchies 8 & 9

Inchie 8 is a purple and white crocus just bursting into bloom! Inchie 9 is a little blue butterfly. It is always a delight to see them flitting about on a lovely spring day!

Spring Inchie 10

Lilacs have been one of my very favorite flowers and are also my very favorite scent. I treasure the little bit of lilac perfume I have left and hope that someone starts manufacturing it again in the near future. It gives me a lift like no other fragrance!


Ati said…
Ah... your little inchies become beautiful...I like to see them together on a piece of fabric , instead of separate squares.
Dianne said…
This is such a gorgeous idea to do your inchies on a piece. The little snippets of spring are embroidered so beautifully.
Adrienne said…
Love your inchies! It's hard to say which is my favorite - the lilacs captured my heart because mine are about to bloom just outside my bedroom window!
Loralynn said…
I'm really enjoying watching you add your inchies! They are precious!
Walden said…
Lovely, I am enjoying watching this grow.
Joyous Jems said…
Do like I do Lisa, get the Lilac essential oil and mix it with an unscented base oil. Sometimes I mix mine with Sandlewood....smells heavenly!!
Susan Elliott said…
You are such a beautiful stitcher. I love seeing your work...every inch of it!
Laurie said…
How beautiful! I love your embroidery, so perfect and appropriate for this time of year.
Anonymous said…
Perfect. The sun in one corner and the rain in another and they both make everything grow:) I love it. Mary
çok,çok,çok güzel.sevg,sevgiler..
I have to go to bed now because my eyes are burning...NEVER have I seen such wonderful loveliness on a blog before!!! I must come back soon...for now just know you have blessed my heart Lisa...so much...so very much

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