Warning... happy artist at work!

artist at work, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

For those who have the illusion that I and my surroundings are always neat and clean, this post will burst your bubble! While the majority of my apartment does remain moderately neat and clean, my study/studio usually looks rather like a tornado recently moved through.

I've been spending happy hours this past week cutting and pasting. At the start of the week, my desk was nice and neat, with lots of space to work. But the more I work, the more the creativity flows, the messier things get... which in turns spurs yet more creativity. It continues on until, I either have no space left to work or I simply cannot stand the mess any longer and then I take the time to clean up my workspace. It happens about once a week and as the above picture indicates, it's about time! I knew I had to post about this after reading this wonderful article by Deber Klein, whose thoughts about studios match mine so well!

So, rather than be dismayed at my work area, know that I have been happily creating and that my next project is nearly complete! You can catch a glimpse of the December Photo album I've been working on in the front of the photo. Next time, I hope to show you the completed result!


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