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Viking hat brim, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

With the advent of cooler weather, I've been knitting again. I've been needing a winter hat so went looking through my knitting books for a hat pattern that would look good on me. Regular hats make my head look funny and berets ~ well, on me they just look strange! So I was looking for a pattern with a little bit of width at the top and hopefully something that I'd enjoy knitting.
Viking hat
This hat on the cover of "Viking Patterns for Knitting" by Elsebeth Lavold might just be the perfect hat for me! I bought this book several years ago when it was first published because I loved the celtic knotwork patterns in it but had never knitted anything from it. I'm so glad I kept this book! I'm knitting this hat out of Paton's Classic Wool in Woodrose Heather. I love the color and it should be a warm cozy hat this winter when the snow flies and the temperatures fall!
Fetching gloves
I've also knitted a pair of "Fetching" fingerless gloves. My hands get quite cold when I'm at the computer, so I'm hoping these will keep me warm and toasty! The yarn is a chunky wool yarn from Candide, leftover from a pair of very heavy wool socks I knit a few years ago. Next time, I'll knit them an inch or two longer and try using a regular worsted weight yarn. The heavy weight Candide yarn makes them a little bit bigger than I'd like, but they are still quite cozy!


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