Brown Paper Package!

Package, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Several weeks ago, I played a guessing game at Tongue in Cheek and won for the most creative answer! The orginal prize was meant to be a wine bottle topper, but after seeing my blog, Corey offered me the choice of lace for my quilt blocks as an alternative prize if I wanted! Who could resist the lure of antique lace direct from France?!
Package Detail
Each day for the past couple weeks, I've eagerly visited the mailbox and this morning, there it was! A delightful brown paper package from France, enticingly decorated! What fun to savor the anticipation of opening it!
French Lace 5
Inside I found an amazing treasure trove of lace and a note!
French Lace 3
There were lovely lengths of delicate edgings,
French Lace 6
Embroidered and bobbin lace motifs,
French Lace 4
A beautiful lace jabot,
French Lace 1
And my favorite ~ some gorgeous hand embroidered eyelet trim! I love that every stitch is visible, testament to the embroiderers skill. To think about someone sitting and embroidering foot after foot of this trim ~ it's overwhelming!

Corey! Thank you! I am so touched by this wonderful and delightful prize! My head is swirling with ideas for crazy quilt blocks to showcase some of these amazing bits of lace!


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