Election Day 2008

I voted, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Need I say more?

I've had more fun mail this week! Ati from Norway and I have swapped before. This time we swapped ATCs! She received one of my cq collage embroidered ATCs and in turn, I received a gorgeous needlefelted and embroidered ATC titled 'Summerfields'! I opened this while at work and was lucky to get it back from my co-workers who were enthralled with it!
My block home
The crazy quilt round robin I've been participating in is drawing to a close and I received my completed block this week! I asked for a Christmasy woodland flora/fauna/critter theme for my block. It came back with loads of gorgeous seam treatments and gorgeous embroidered elements! Now I need to get the two side blocks completed that I'm working on to go with this!


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