White Pumpkins

White Pumpkins, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The grocery had white pumpkins! I love the addition they make to my autumn decorating. The nubby gourd on the far left is especially fun.
Bowl of Threads
While organizing my sewing/crafting supplies this week, I came across a box of old crochet and tatting cotton. As an addition to my autumn decorating, I heaped them in a wooden bowl and placed it on my low bookcases.
I love the way the light plays over the various threads.
Fabric shelves
As you may have noticed, I haven't done much blogging this past week. Instead I've been reorganizing all my sewing, art and crafting supplies. Here is a glimpse through the closet door of the new shelves after stacking the fabric on them. Hanging at the top of the doorway are the many Dotee Dolls that I have received in swaps in the past year.
Fabric storage
One of the things about crazy quilting, is that one tends to accumulate lots of fairly small pieces of fabric, many of them nothing more than irregular scraps. I've been struggling with a way to keep them organized. Mine were jumbled into a basket and a box and I was forever digging and hunting and making a mess as I searched for just the right piece. Then I found these wooden crates and now, all these small fabrics are organized and I can see just what I have!
Linen Fabric Green fabrics
I love seeing the fabrics stacked neatly on the shelves almost as much as I like seeing pretty linens stacked and folded!

While the sewing/craft/art/knitting/spinning supplies have all been reorganized, I am still working on downsizing the number of books I have. In order to use the shelves for fabric, I had to empty them of books first. There are quite a few to get rid of! But at last, I also have room to set up my easel and hopefully that means that I'll be able to paint on a regular basis again!


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