Playing with Needle and Thread!

ATC's, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In addition to the day's usual tasks, I found time to play with needle and thread! I've always loved tiny things, so stitching ATC's is right up my alley.
leafy roses ATC
First came scraps of rosie fabric, then embroidery with size 8 pearl cotton, and lastly, the addition of beads for a bit of sparkle. Sweet!
Simple Green ATCs
Then I tried a pair in my favorite greens and natural linen. No beads, nothing too fancy. Just simple stitching in size 5 pearl cotton, inspired by some stitching I saw in a Japanese craft book a while back. A few tiny buttons from the button box make perfect little flowers! So far, of the ATCs that I have made, these two are my favorite! I'd love to know which are yours!


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