Blue & Gold Pincushion

Blue & Gold Pincushion, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This was such a different project for me! I'm not sure if it's really a pincushion or simply an "objet d'art"! Once in a while, it's good to let go of inhibitions and just let creativity flow without trying to stay within the bounds of preconceived ideas!
Blue and Gold PC stitching
When I started this, it was going to have seam embellishments that were much more "traditional", but instead I found myself extending the design of the central fabric. Now, silk ribbon embroidered (SRE) roses add dimension as do the beads.

Blue and GoldPincushion 03
When these cushions are pulled into shape, I'm always amazed at the transformation from flat art to dimensional art!
Blue and GoldPincushion 05
Around the base, some black machine made lace with a tatted appearance finishes off the base.


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