Happy Halloween!

White Pumpkins, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The leaves of autumn have all fallen here. They dance across the ground, hopping and skipping along in the cool breeze as though to celebrate their freedom at being released from the tree. In swirls, they gather on my doorstep. This morning, I scooped some up to add to the display on my china cabinet. A chance to enjoy their color for a few more days. I'm sure the kitties will make short work of them!
Z n S Halloween 1990
I've never been much on celebrating Halloween. Goblins and ghouls, witches and skeletons have never been of much interest to me. But I loved it when my kids were small and when they looked as cute as my two youngest sons did in this picture taken in 1990!

Halloween Blessing

God of time
God of dark
God of earth
God of heaven,
You are
Stronger than the elements,
Stronger than the shadows,
Stronger than the fears,
Stronger than human wills,
Stronger than the spirits,
Stronger than magic spells.

Your presence be our shield
The love of God to enfold us;
The peace of God to still us;
The spirit of God to fill us;
The saints of God to inspire us;
The angels of God to guard us
This night, this winter, forever.

from "Celtic Blessings * Prayers for Everyday Life"
compiled by Ray Simpson


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