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In honor of Valentine's Day, I went looking for hearts around my home today. I was suprised at how many there were!

<3 A lovely little bleeding heart ornament is one of a set of six that my Mother got me for Christmas. It is hanging on a candlestick on top of my china cabinet.
<3 Inside the china cabinet is a white porcelain heart mold for making Coeur a la creme in the china cabinet. I've never actually used, but love the idea! Something to try making one of these days!
<3 Lovely mother of pearl buttons in the button jar.
<3 Sweet heart necklaces. A tiny locket given to me by my grandmother when I was very small. A diamond filled one given by a grateful mother after I coached her through a difficult childbirth. A lovely oldfashioned heart locket from my sister!
<3 A lovely old valentine from one of my dear friends.
<3 A perfect heart shaped shell sitting on the bathroom counter.
<3 Perfect Valentine's Day reading ~ vintage issues of Victoria Magazine.
<3 Rose Petal Tea for the Queen of Hearts (it says so on the tin!) One of my all time favorite teas!
<3 A sweet little heart pin from my Mother's jewelry box when I was young.
<3 Heart cookie and pastry cutters and a jello mold in the kitchen.
<3 A dish of sweet treats on the table.
<3 A sweetly embroidered heart on a linen pillow slip in the bedroom.

My wish for you today is that you be surrounded by the love and affection of those you hold dear! Blessings dear readers!


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