Decorating for Easter

Chick 16Feb08 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Easter is probably my favorite holiday. Not only is it the most holy of days in the Christian calendar, but I also love the focus on new life, renewal,and light. Add spring into the mix and some of my favorite things, bunnies, flowers, baby chicks, lambs and the soft colors and it makes my heart sing.

Yesterday I got out the box of Easter Decorations. I haven't seen most of these in over three years because I've been moving so much. What fun to open the box and enjoy each item as it comes to light! Even more fun because these are some of the few things that survived our housefire unscathed a few years ago.

Chick 16Feb08 02

These two little flocked chicks are among my favorite Easter decorations. So sweet! They remind me of dressing up for Easter in our best new dresses. My sister and I used to get a fresh new dress for Easter and a new purse. The one I remember most was a little wicker basket, almost round in shape with flowers on the lid. We would fill them with chocolate eggs and jelly beans and then try to eat them quietly in church without getting our little white gloves messy! I remember the Easter bonnets too! Pretty straw hats with ribbons and flowers!


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