Between Winter and Spring

This charming book has so many sweet poems in it that I can't help sharing more from it. This lovely poem speaks poignantly to me at the moment as we just received another foot of snow over the past 3 days!

Between Winter and Spring

That weary time which comes between
The last snow and the earliest green!
One barren clod the wide fields lie,
And all our comfort is the sky.

We know the sap is in the tree.
That life at buried roots must be;
Yet dreary is the earth we tread,
As if her very soul were dead.

Before the dawn,--the darkest hour!
The blank and chill, before the flower!
Beauty prepares this background gray,
Whereon her loveliest tints to lay.

Ah patience! ere we dream of it,
Springs fair new gospel will be writ;
Look up! good only can befall,
While Heaven is at the heart of all!
by Lucy Larcom

This was the scene out my windows yesterday morning. This morning there was an additional 3" of snow. Spring feels eons away at the moment, the glorious blue sky the only hope of warmer days to come.

Fresh Snow

To compensate for the snow, I did a little more decorating for Easter. Below is a fabulous and enormous sugar egg that I purchased a few years ago from a thrift shop after looking longingly at it in the display case for years. I have no idea how old it is, but I believe the little birds inside are plastic so probably no older than the 1950's. Each year I pack it away carefully, protected by shredded tissue and sealed to keep moisture and dust (and mice!) out.

Sugar Egg

The top of the treadle sewing machine that once belonged to my Great Grandmother becomes the setting for an Easter vignette.

Easter Vignette

This old shelf is another thrift shop find. It is rickety, warped and shabby, but I love it. It makes a nice setting for some of my bunny collection and other Easter items.

Easter shelf


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