25 January 2014

Snowball for Tahlia!

Tahlia's Snowball
Tahlia's snowball block is ready to mail!  This is postcard sized about 4x6".  Tahlia asked for my name, screen name and state to be included on the block and to embellish it in a way that represents me.  She likes peacock colors so that's what I used to piece the block.  At first, I was just going to do seams, but it looked so plain, so I filled it up with lots of stitching, a bit of lace and beads.  

I naturally tend toward the encrusted look when working with bright colors, though I'm not sure just why that is!  


Gillie said...

Just gorgeous, Tahlia will love it. Happy belated birthday!

Gail Gallagher said...

So beautiful Lisa!

Laurie said...

WOW! You did it again Lisa, I love the colors and all the special stitching. She is going to love it!

maire said...

This snowball's a joyful celebration! I think you did great with the bright colors and the encrusted look…love it!

wendy said...

This is beautiful! Love all the stitching. Maybe it's time to pick up my needle and thread again. You've inspired me!

hpk said...

Today I was passing on stuff to a new employee, and found I had done a huge amount of doodling on the back side during a boring meeting agenda. It looks so much like crazy quilting. Maybe I do have this gene! But maybe not with stitches. :D


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